Brooklyn Pride 2019 Was Invaded by Bible-Thumpers

Families attended Brooklyn’s family-friendly street fair before the dusk march, but so did a bunch of Bible-wielding men that were telling everyone that homosexuality is sin…


The Brooklyn LGBTQ+ march took place on June 8 along Fifth Avenue, in Park Slope. The day started off with a family-friendly street fair that I had a chance to attend.

Brooklyn Pride was somewhat interesting as I noticed several groups of people along the length of the closed-off street holding up anti-queer placards, undoubtedly trying to rain on our parade. They were successful in dampening the mood of certain attendees, who were visibly frustrated as they tried to argue with the religious groups. Some people, including me, stopped in front of the signs in disbelief, reading a couple of dumb things on the posters such as

“You were not born that way, even if so, Jesus said you must be born again”


“God is Love, outside of Him and His ways it is perversion.”

A drag queen approached one such group and demanded to show the exact verse in which homosexuality was deemed as a sin. The guy’s response was “Oh, you gonna make me pull it out?,” most probably referring to the Bible. After a failed attempt to procure the evidence and back his talk up on the drag queen’s request, the cis-gendered man assured the gathered crowd around him that his group wasn’t specifically targeting “homosexuals” – they would also gladly attend a parade for murderers or thieves if such parades existed.

A girl, who couldn’t have been more than 13, wasn’t much pacified by his proclamation, grabbed a younger girl’s hand and stormed off –not before yelling out,

“Do you know what it feels like to be disowned by your Christian family because you’re a lesbian?!”

I know, baby girl, I know. 

If there is one problem we do have, it is with people that are trying to stop other people from being fabulous or equate homosexuality to being a thief or a murderer. If being fabulous is a sin, see you in hell honey!

Alexey Kim