Throwback: RuPaul’s DragCon 2018 With RuPaul, Alyssa Edwards, Aquaria & More

Ornacia was the first thing I saw once I got to RuPauls DragCon 2018. She was comfortably propped up on top of Vivacious’ head. Vivacious was moving about the floor with her signature strut.

At one point I’ve noticed a sudden commotion. RuPaul was walking through the crowd and everyone went bananas. Mama Ru got on stage and was shortly joined by Alyssa Edwards. Alyssa sashayed on stage to enlist RuPaul to help promote her then upcoming Netflix show “Dancing Queen.

The rest happened in a blur. Aquaria is in front of us. She is blinded by her white-out contacts. Marti Gould Cummings is prompting her with lines. The famous drag queen is adorably not able to keep up.

Next thing you know, Monét X Change’s manager is telling us not to take photos while she is chewing gum, even though I all admit its hilarious. Then Vanessa Vanjie Mateo reads us for filth for taking her pictures from below. Which is totally awesome.

After that, Alyssa Edwards is done shooting for press for the day. Which I totally ignore and just do it from the distance anyway. Swear she knew she was being photographed though, just look at her pics.

Our favorite moment of the day though, was when Abhora was walking around on her stilts and scaring the crap out of everyone. Then all of a sudden Nicole Paige Brooks calls her over. The stilted scary drag queen transformed into a puppy in a matter of seconds. In other words, it was one of the most touching moments I’ve ever witnessed.

Alexey Kim


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