“Be Cute, Bushwig Hangover” Party At Littlefield, Gowanus

Horrorchata’s Bushwig after-party edition of Be Cute officially put a cap on the annual drag festival’s fanfare last Saturday (9/21/19). Performances by Crystal Mesh, Panthera Lush, Baby Love, Neon Calypso, and 2019 Miss Bushwig winner Serena Tea gave attendees at the Littlefield venue in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood a taste of some of Bushwig’s biggest highlights with a few new twists.

Serena Tea performed an encore installment of her gag-worthy “Serenatron” number that she debuted on the second day of Bushwig. Once again, the Brooklyn starlet took to the stage folded into the image of a yellow car à la Bumblebee of the Transformers movie franchise, and she shape-shifted from yellow sports car realness to yellow sports fish realness in a matter of seconds, leading the number with a syncopated reveal shocking enough to keep the crowd electrified until the end.

Serena Tea’s wig reveal this time, however, added an unexpected twist when, as she took off the first wig, she took off the wig hidden underneath as well, either on purpose or accident. Ms. Tea stared at the crowd, mouth agape, in theatrical astonishment for a few moments before strutting backstage and confidently reemerging with the hidden wig properly placed upon her head. Inadvertent or not, the improvisation of the crowd-winning number and her seamless adaptation of what could easily have been a blooper made it unique to the original.

Crystal Mesh performed two of her new singles, “Poppers (On The Dance Floor)” and “My Cabana” with the assistance of photographer and sex pig Jordan Bowens, who wore black thigh-high stilettos, a leather harness, and a cowboy hat as Ms. Mesh mimed riding him with a bottle of Jungle Juice Platinum hovering delicately beneath her nose while kicking giant beach balls at every photographer in the front row.

“I don’t know anybody here but these people all just came to dance and I love that,” Crystal Mesh said between performances and countless hits from the poppers bottle.

DJs Horrorchata and Hannah Lou kept the party cute late into the night with an eclectic mix of pop favorites and Latinx rhythm. Panthera Lush recreated her Bushwig number in which she assembled her look while a giant theater curtain suspended by a rack hitched to her back billowed behind her to Lady Gaga’s “Applause.”

Baby Love transformed from beauty queen to clown to beauty clown before giving a rendition of her Bushwig duet performance with Crystal Mesh.

Neon Calypso did so many death drops it would make Alyssa Edwards blush.

On a personal note, I don’t remember too much from Be Cute, and everything written here should be considered alleged and not taken as fact. Crystal Mesh shared her poppers with me more times than I can count, and they were very strong. The poppers truly were on the dance floor.

Mark Minton
Mark Minton