Photographer Mike Sullivan On Why Retro Factory Is One of His Favorite NYC Parties

This past Thursday saw another installation of one of my favorite NYC parties, Retro Factory.

This creative and unique event never disappoints. What makes this party unlike any other are the flash mob performances that happen abruptly throughout the night … with no warning or announcement, professional dancers flood the crowd and bring you a choreographed production.

The immersive experience turns partygoers into audience members in an instant. The energy is so inviting it’s hard to remain apart from the performances; I found myself nodding to the numbers despite squinting through my camera lens the whole time. The spontaneity keeps us on our feet – one always needs to keep an eye out not to miss another performance. However there is plenty of creativity to enjoy outside of the dance floor – many folks came sporting attire that reflected the Studio 54 theme.

The iconic club gave inspiration to the evening in more ways than one. The performances, the looks, and the essence of the night paid homage to the disco era, which fed our sense of nostalgia perfectly. Parties like Retro Factory remind me why I fell in love with nightlife in the first place – it encourages the freedom of creative expression and provides a palpable sense of adventure.