She’s A Riot: An Outrageous Soirée In The Sky


Every month “an outrageous soirée in the sky” draws in an eclectic crowd to the top of The Standard Highline.

“Honestly, my mom said ‘SHE’S A RIOT’ when I was growing up all the time. She would tell a funny story about an outlandish friend of hers and always end it with ‘SHE’S A RIOT.’ The event was created for people to celebrate their flaws, triumphs, and be free with hilarity; an outrageous soirée in the sky.” – Deryck Todd, the creator of the event, says about his monthly party at The Boom Boom Room.

“An outrageous soirée in the sky” draws in an eclectic crowd indeed, there are drag queens, pretty boys drenched in cologne, fashion designers, party promoters, models with their agents, trans girls with their sugar daddies, you name it.

As one of the guests’ once perfectly described the vibe of the room: “It’s boujie, but chill.”

Some of the past notable attendees include: Aquaria, music producer D.Smith, party promoter Ty Sunderland, president of Next Model Management Kyle Hagler, accessory designer ISLYNYC, creative director Timo Weiland, performers Katini and Ariana and the Rose .


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Alexey Kim