Caged Jock: Steps In To Help Australian Fires

An adult entertainer who has brought conversations about male chastity fetish to the mainstream, uses his social media influence to help.


A fire of catastrophic proportions has swept over Australia, burning through millions of hectares of land, killing around 1 billion animals and leading to the possible extinction of some species. The whole world is tuned in and is trying to help by any means possible.

Many influential people are using their platform to spread awareness about the crisis and encourage people to donate to fire relief and animal rescue organizations.

Among these influencers, an unlikely bunch have come out to the forefront and used their platform in an unusual way. 20-year-old influencer and online sex worker Kaylen Ward (also known as The Naked Philanthropist) has tweeted that whoever donates $10 or more to an organization helping relief efforts will receive a nude picture of her. She claims that she’s raised around $1 million dollars so far.

Another adult performer, Caged Jock, took a similar approach.

Using Your Platform

SWK: What are your thoughts on what is currently happening in Australia?

CJ: We found out about the fire last year, but I didn’t think it was going to be this bad. I thought it was going to take a couple of weeks for it to be over, but I can’t believe it is still going on. That says a lot about the current situation with our planet. It’s sad to see so many people who lost their homes and died in the fire. Think about what is going to happen to the overall system in the country, the species, the birds, the animals…

SWK: There has been amazing outreach to help the relief effort in Australia. You’ve actually done something recently to help in your own way. Can you tell me what is it that you did?

CJ: I posted on my Twitter and my IG that if anyone donates at least $10 to any charity that helps with the Australian fires, I will give them 30 days’ free access to my fan page. I make porn videos for a living, I think the content is good – people always rave about it – so it was a good opportunity for those who thought about signing up, to encourage them to donate. It actually got a lot of people sending me the receipts of the transactions, so I am really happy that I was able to use my voice and my following for a positive cause. Because when you work as an adult actor, people are always going to criticize you: “Oh he’s posting too many pictures of his body and his selfies, he doesn’t really do anything positive for the society.” So I just wanted to prove that we do other things also and give back to society.

SWK: Do you know how much you’ve been able to collect so far?

CJ: I don’t know. I know it’s in the thousands, because there was one receipt that I got that was a one thousand dollars. That was the biggest. And then a lot of people donated at least $10, but a lot of times people are very generous. They go up to 40, 50, up to 100 or more, so it’s difficult for me to keep track.

SWK: Did you hear about this girl, whose screen name is, I think The Naked Philanthropist? She did something similar, but she wanted to send a nude photo…

“My life has

been very blessed

and it would be

very selfish of me

to keep that blessing

to myself

and not give back.“

CJ: Yeah she sent a nude photo. Rocco Steele, adult performer, he also sent a nude photo.

SWK: Were you the first one who did that?

CJ: No, Kaylen was the first one that did that. That’s her name, Kaylen Ward. So I thought “That’s a great idea, let me just do it.” So I give all the credit to her. It’s a great idea. I’m so glad to see that people who are working in the adult industry are stepping up.

SWK: There is also another post that you made on Instagram that was encouraging people to donate to animal rescue in Australia.

CJ: I always make it known on my social media that I love animals. It was really disheartening to see that over 1 billion animals died in the fire, so it’s really heartbreaking to hear that koalas, kangaroos, horses, and many other animals died in the fire, and it’s really hard to see, knowing that we as people are responsible for this.

SWK: Are you planning on using your platform to influence more people to donate to other causes as well?

CJ: I am planning on making this a regular thing, not just one thing. I’m still in the process of trying to think how I can make this a regular thing so that we can donate to other causes, besides the Australian fire, because there are many many many people out there that need help. Many organizations that need donations. I think it’s important to use my platform to make my followers aware that these organizations exist, their mission, the people that they want to serve and help better these people’s lives.

SWK: Why is it important for you to contribute, why is it important for you to give back in general?

CJ: My life has been very blessed and it would be very selfish of me to keep that blessing to myself and not give back. I always enjoy helping others, I sponsor children in undeveloped countries, I regularly donate to organizations that help abused and neglected animals. So I have already been doing it, prior to making my post about the Australian fires. This was sort of like taking it to another level. I think it’s important to put it in front of the camera to inspire others to give back.

SWK: Are you hoping to inspire more adult performers to give back?

CJ: It’s kind of at the back of my mind, it’s more about utilizing my followers, so that they can give back. As opposed to being the face of it and inspire someone else. That’s not something that I thought about.

If you’d like to donate to the Australian relief efforts, here are some organizations that are accepting donations: 

NSW Fire Service | Country Fire Authority | WIRES Wildlife Rescue | Australian Red Cross

Alexey Kim