Wigwood 2020

Day 1

Miami’s Club Space hosted the first day of Wigwood. This club used to be a legendary party spot back in the day, famous for its events going on until the wee hours of the morning, where people could party and watch the sun rise through its open roof. Even though the club might have lost its coolness mojo over the years, and is mostly known for hosting straight and gay circuit parties, it remains quite a unique space, and Queef Latina saw its potential for hosting the first day of Wigwood.

TP Lords (by Angel Ortiz)

“We are going to have this back alley entrance, that’s going to be separate from the main one. There will be another party happening at the same time downstairs, so I don’t want those people to freak out when they see a bunch of monsters and aliens,”

Queef announced two days before the festival, when we were setting up the space. 

Queef said that this year she wanted to try something new and have hour-long performance sets on the first two nights instead of shorter sets more spread out through the night like everyone was used to in previous years.

The NYC DJ duo The Carry Nation warmed up the crowd for the first set of performances scheduled to start right at midnight. Kat Wilderness stayed incognito under a black robe, until she was called onstage to open the weekend’s shows. Under the robe she was clad in a sexy leopard-print leotard, and with her mane of red hair she slayed the stage to The Pussycat Dolls’ “React,” the video for which had just come out that same day. Persephone Von Lips was being a good friend holding a portable wind blower at the end of the stage, which Kat eventually ended up grabbing and making it her wind bitch; Bassfunkdaddy followed right after Kat, downing beer from a long beer bong, with his nephew lovingly pouring it from the other end. Miss Toto performed next, confining a sexy papi to a chair, seducing him along with the rest of the crowd with her sexy moves, showing off her hip flexibility by throwing in a couple of splits. Hairy Bradshaw followed Miss Toto with an enigmatic art number, eating and feeding the crowd with paper flowers attached to her crown, at the end of the performance turning it into a muzzle. Celia Booze danced her ass off to “Invasion Al Area 51” by Cumbia Drive that she mixed with Trump’s voice and Selena’s “Techno Cumbia.”

Landon Cider, the first drag king to appear and win on a US drag reality show competition – Boulet Brothers’ Dragula Season 3 – ended his testosterone-filled performance with a reminder to stay grateful and vigilant:

“We will speak up, act out, when we see anyone who is not treated equal, because we are all fucking equal.”

Drag superstar DJ Jodie Harsh got the party really going after the first set of performers and soon enough it was already time for the second part of the shows.

A legendaric Miami drag queen Missy Meyakie LePaige opened the second performance slot of the night and sent the crowd into a frenzy after at least half a dozen kitty wig reveals throughout the performance; MTHR TRSA self-appointed herself as Mx. Wigwood 2020 during her number, giving a comedic nod to last year’s coronation of Serena Tea as Mx. Bushwig 2019; Landon Cider gave another supercharged performance, this time dressed as a leather Wolfman Daddy; Opulenceeeeee put on a dance number involving four backup dancers; TP Lords showed everyone why she’s an OG of Miami drag by gagging everyone with a circular cape embroidered with an enormous spider with glowing eyes, and laser beams coming out of her fingertips. Amanda Lepore closed out the shows with her signature number, taking a lipstick out of her pussy and applying it to her face lips.

“That just happened,”

local photographer Karli Evans uttered in complete awe. 

At 3 AM DJs Gami and Get Face took over the DJ booth, while Amanda Lepore meet-and-greeted a horde of the remaining attendees.

Special thanks to Angel Ortiz for the first 35 images.

Alexey Kim


Angel Joél Ortiz-Perreira
Angel Joél Ortiz-Perreira




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