Wigwood 2020

Day 2

The second day of Wigwood took place at Gramps, just like the year before, but with a later start.

Daisy Deadpetals, a legendary local drag queen

“Last year, the second day was very long, because we started so early, so a lot of people were exhausted,”

said Queef Latina about starting the shows later this time around,

“I want to make sure that everyone has a good time slot to perform.”

Indeed, there weren’t a lot of people at Gramps early last year; I myself showed up around 8 pm and missed a few allotted performance blocks.

35 performers took the stage on the second day of Wigwood this year, all of them bringing everything they had and putting on an incredible four sets of hour-long shows. Drag Race alum Serena ChaCha hosted the very first set, while the remaining performance segments were divided between MTHR TRSA with Brenda and Queef Latina with Hairy Bradshaw.

Dreamboi, who flew in from Brooklyn, New York, performed a vulnerable number to “I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy” by Antony and the Johnsons with assistance from a white blanket that represented someone missing.

“In a broad sense the song is about longing for something or someone you cannot have; being separated by the obstacles of time, space, distance, though each of you separately existed at one time or another. The desire to share history together,”

says Dreamboi about the significance of his performance,

”I think about this a lot with my heroes lost to the AIDS crisis, like David Wojnarowicz; how I wish I could share time with him. But I never will. Our atoms simply missed each other.”

Patent Pending showed off her spot-on lip syncing skills to a highly sexual spoken-word song, “Bilingual,” keeping the crowd enchanted throughout the entirety of the performance; Sage gave the audience all of the love and received just as much of it back, to Madonna’s “Like A Prayer,” as an angel painted entirely in shimmering gold; Juanita Labanjee showed off her comedic side with a number where she lip-synced for the male and female parts of her song with the help of a floppy, non-sticky mustache; Opal Am Rah mesmerized everyone with her reptilian look and seductive moves to Sade’s “No Ordinary Love.

Queef Latina performed her first-ever song, “Venganza,” with duo Niña, revealing a sick corset that she made in one day out of Wigwood’s wallpaper; Lady Paraiso, a high-concept queen, came out as a green alien housewife, poisoning her dick of a husband at the end of the number; Persephone Von Lips put on another high-concept performance as Adam, enlisting help from a very fit Steve, Opal Am Rah as a snake, and Miz Toñya as the tree of knowledge; Andro Gin shut the house down just like the previous year with his incredible prowess in musicality and improvisation.

One of the most powerful performances of the night belonged to Jupiter Velvet, one of Queef Latina’s drag children. At first she read a poem titled “How to Make Love to a Transperson” by Gabe Moses, bursting into tears several times. Then she performed a lip-sync number where she injected herself with HRT right onstage. Her show resonated with a lot of people in the audience, some also bursting into tears, and showering Jupiter with tips.

Jupiter Velvet self-administering a shot of HRT

Alexey Kim




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