Wigwood 2020

Day 3

It probably would be fair to say that the last day of Wigwood must be everyone’s favorite. After two days of intense partying and turning out looks, most of the people get to relax by the pool and let the queens scheduled to perform on that day do all the work.


“When I schedule the acts, I try to think who would be a good fit to perform by the pool. It’s not an easy task,“

Queef says about scheduling the festival’s program.

Viola Putx kicked off the shows a bit after 4 pm, blending in perfectly with the leafy backdrop of the performance side of the pool as an exotic pussy; Moxie Mopp followed up with a comedic take on Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty,” showing up in a laundry basket and then dousing herself off with the whole bottle of “detergent,” at some point chugging it down, spitting it up high in the air, and catching it back in her mouth just to spit it out again.

Yoko Oso embodied Grizabella, the Glamour Cat, played by Jennifer Hudson in the Cats movie. The mix of the performance included as many popular versions of “Memory” as she could incorporate, from Elaine Paige to an often-forgotten Celine Dion rendition. She also included a clip from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, where Titus learns that Cats is entirely made up.

Yoko says:

“It felt good as an intro for this ballad to not entirely be mired in sentimentality as I feel like drag itself is just a thing way too many people take far too seriously.”

Towards the middle of her number, Yoko got on top of a floatie, eventually submerging into the water completely and almost drowning under the weight of her soaking-wet fur coat, eventually being saved by the crowd and an impromptu appearance by Abhora.

“I was in the dressing room with Abhora and some of the other performers. Having seen her at other Wigwoods, I hadn’t had the chance to be near her outside of a performance space. Last year she had a performance all three days and I believe she was only here on Sunday. I had talked a bit about my concept and Abhora, having just done an homage in LA called (S)CATS with Alaska and Meatball – she didn’t even hesitate when I semi-jokingly said she could be Victoria so I wasn’t lip-synching to myself. During the performance, when I jumped on the raft in the pool and had been thankfully saved by people in the crowd because that fur coat weighed a ton soaking wet, Abhora had hit her cue as Victoria with nothing but white tights and paper ears,”

Yoko comments on whether this whole shtick was planned,

“In some video I could hear people flabbergasted as to whether this was planned or not, and now the cat’s out of the bag.” 

Iris Velvet, Jupiter Velvet’s drag daughter, followed Yoko by performing to Kali Uchis and ridin’ round the pool on a pink kid’s bike, while Brenda who came along from New York with MTHR TRSA and who hosted the first two days alongside her bestie, gave all of her signature hilariously hectic energy into the performance, ending the show with a plunge into the cold pool as if to stop herself from going on nonstop.

The second set of performances was headlined by Abhora, who came out wearing a white sheet over her whole body, looking like a ghost. In Abhora’s typical manner, she abused the crowd by climbing on top of tables, climbing over guest’s pool chairs and catapulting her heels in different directions. One of the attendees said she was scared and backed away from wherever Abhora established her dominion.

Aurora Whorealis delivered her signature high kicks and splits, putting sexy into activism and dedicating her number to climate change by taking off her top to expose a silicone breastplate that looked mighty real from afar; “Fuck Trump” written all over her tits and “Climate Action Now” across her abs with a black Sharpie.

Vex The Thing came out enshrouded in what seemed to be a black cloak devouring her entire upper torso, later opening its – what turned out to be – petals and turning it into a beautifully crafted carnivorous alien flower.

Opal Lords started her number at the top of one of the buildings adjacent to the pool in a hippo ballerina costume. It was a beautiful sight to see – everyone was looking up as the setting sun projected beautiful pink hues all over the sky; then the beautiful blue of the pool was interrupted by a flash mob of divers ultimately joined by Opal, soaking anyone who was close to the edge of the pool.

Miami’s legendary drag fixture Adora closed out the shows, just like the year prior.

An unexpected guest showed up towards the end of the festivities – almost 80-year-old trans pioneer Henrietta Robinson, or the Queen of South Beach, who was born in Ohio, but moved to Miami in 1952 and transitioned in 1959 with the help of her uncle. A crowd of Wigwood’s partygoers surrounded her to say their hellos and pay due respect. Unfortunately Henrietta passed away a few weeks later due to COVID.

Alexey Kim




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