Ty Sunderland’s

Heaven On Earth (HOE)

The monthly pop diva-themed party Heaven On Earth began in late 2017 at a Chinese restaurant called China Chalet.


Heaven On Earth (HOE) started as a Blackout album tribute party, celebrating the album’s 10th anniversary. The event was so successful that it turned into a monthly shindig, keeping the name of one of the album’s track as the party’s namesake.

The album came out during the most controversial years of Britneys’s career. Remember the head shaving, the umbrella attack, and the lethargic performance at the VMAs?

Even though Blackout came out during Britney’s troublesome years and did not receive much promotion from her camp, many fans and critics consider it to be one of Britney’s best works to date.

As music critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine perfectly put it in his review of the album for AllMusic,

“As an album, it holds together better than any of her other records, echoing the sleek club-centric feel of In the Zone but it’s heavier on hedonism than its predecessor, stripped of any ballads or sensitivity, and just reveling in dirty good times. So Blackout acts as a soundtrack for Britney’s hazy, drunken days, reflecting the excess that’s splashed all over the tabloids, but it has a coherence that the public Britney lacks.”

It seems that this exact sentiment served as an inspiration for Ty throwing a tribute to the pop diva who ruled the world of the millenials – a dirty good time splashed across with a rainbow brushstroke, reminding you of your younger self playing in your mom’s closet when she was out of the house while lip syncing your favorite pop songs into a hairbrush. The only difference now is that you are doing it out in the open with a couple hundred other like-minded people.

Each edition of HOE is dedicated to a diva or a different combo of divas; themes of past events were dedicated to Mariah Carey, Spice Girls, Britney vs Madonna, Rihanna vs Ciara, and so on.

UPDATE: On July 5, 2020 China Chalet closes its doors for good.

Alexey Kim