The Future Now’s

Female Fatale (NSFW)


Sisters Charlotte and Emily Chauvin (@jointhefuturenow) started working at music festivals from a very young age. Charlotte says:

“There, we met such diverse people, from performers, to old hippies, to musicians, spiritualists, tent riggers, painters, designers and more! We were so inspired by the community to use art to encourage more connections. One notable jumpstart was meeting The Poetry Brothel at Electric Forest festival, and then performing with them at House of Yes!”

The twin sisters see The Future Now as a collective of friends. Together, they have a mission to make more spaces for artists to realize their vision and connect. When they start planning a party, for example, they ask their friends,

“What do YOU want to do, what do YOU want to see? What can we make happen?”

Femme Fatale was their way of getting all of the badass babes in their lives together for a night. Charlotte explains:

“So many of these beautiful people I’ve seen wield knives, draw (fake) blood, and literally scare the shit out of me (and turn me on) while onstage. I wanted to bring all those acts (and friends!) together because damn that’s hot.”

The event was produced in collaboration with Alana Miller AKA Glitter Milk who Charlotte met at a lavish banquet table at Suwannee Hulaween festival:

“She fed me crickets then flogged me over a Victorian couch. So, producing these kinds of parties together is a continuation of making these sexy, silly, and absurdly creative experiences we both love.”

What’s in store for the future?

“More parties!”