2021 was admittedly one of the slowest years for Sidewalkkilla.com and not because there was a lack of topics to cover. The future of the website was in limbo. In a time of so much change and uncertainty, many things stood in the way of the project: mental health, finances, and family loss, to name a few. We took a hard look at reality and asked ourselves if it was worth keeping it going.

After a few discussions and much self-reflection, we decided that we can’t just give up. It’s crazy to think that in June 2022, the website will celebrate its three-year anniversary, and in that time, almost 20,000 people have seen the extraordinary and diverse range of work that we’ve been able to showcase together. There are still so many stories yet to be told, so many voices yet to be heard and so much work yet to be seen — we couldn’t let this project go to waste.

One of our most exciting developments is the immediate expansion of our columns. We’ve approached a few talented artists and writers to contribute their work on a regular basis, joining one of our first columns, Movies With Matvey Cherry, which debuted at the end of November.

In the spirit of community, Sidewalkkilla strives to be a collaborative environment, one that connects artists together for inspiration and creative exchange. As such, we are always open to artistic collaborations and photo work to accompany the stories we publish. Please reach out with ideas via the button below and let’s see how we can disrupt the ordinary.

For now, as we close out 2021, we’re revisiting some of the exciting work we published, wishing you the best, and looking ahead with optimism and gratitude.

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The Fight For Democracy In Myanmar

In this in-depth article, artist and drag performer Emi Grate examines Western media’s surprising lack of coverage of the fight for democracy in Myanmar.

Photos for this article were contributed by Nyein Su Wai Kyaw Soe, a local female reporter on the ground in Myanmar.

Movies With Matvey Cherry

Movies With Matvey Cherry is a dynamic artistic collaboration between Matvey, who uses his unique voice to talk about films, and illustrator Paco May, who interprets those films through beautiful illustrations. Most recently, they looked at Paolo Sorrentino’s touching remembrance of youth, The Hand of God.

Getting Personal With Bones Jones

If you’ve seen the latest season of Project Runway on Bravo TV, you are probably familiar with eyelash-wearing, wig-switching, catch-phrase-giving, and an all-around talent Bones Jones. In February of 2021, when the New York Fashion Week was canceled until further notice and designers were equally uncertain about the future of their fashion houses, Bones pulled off a 40-minute fashion presentation in the form of an immersive dance theater within a matter of one week.

Interview and photos by Sidewalkkilla founder Alexey Kim.


Alexey was this year’s official photographer for Bushwig. A month after the event, he took over Bushwig’s Instagram account and featured his work and that of other photographers present at the event. A few of them agreed to publish their work here! See the latest contributions below (and check back for a few more libraries to be added at the beginning of 2022).

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Alexander Wang Did What?

At the end of 2020, male model Owen Mooney accused famed fashion designer Alexander Wang of sexual misconduct. Triggered by the flurry of discussions and opinions on the subject, Sidewalkkilla founder Alexey Kim shared his own stories of sexual abuse he was forced to endure during his modeling career.

The article was produced in collaboration with illustrator Paco May.


On March 16, 2021, a 21-year-old white psychopath went into three different spas in the Atlanta area and murdered eight people with a gun. Six of them were Asian women. Hate crimes against Asian Americans are not new by any means, but anti-Asian sentiment rose precipitously after ex-president Donald Trump used a racially charged hashtag (#chinesevirus) and continued using anti-Asian rhetoric throughout the pandemic. Just a month after being acquitted in his second impeachment for inciting the Capitol Hill riot, his nation-dividing orange spirit lived on.

On March 21, New Yorkers took to the streets demanding that anti-Asian hate crimes be stopped and that the Atlanta shootings be officially recognized as hate crimes. What further fueled the protesters’ anger was sheriff spokesperson Jay Baker’s statement that the shootings were based on the shooter’s supposed sex addiction (AKA fetish) and that the shooter was having a “bad day.”

A crowd of speakers and protesters assembled at Union Square, later moving on to Columbus Park in the heart of Chinatown. See what the protesters and an ex NYC mayor hopeful Andrew Yang had to say below. 

Photos and interviews by Sidewalkkilla founder Alexey Kim.

Britney Is Finally Free!

In February of 2021, still under a harrowing 13-year conservatorship at the hands of her father, Britney Spears‘s fight for freedom reached new highs in the public consciousness with an investigatory documentary by The New York Times. Paco May shared his millennial memories of TRL, and how the very generation that loved Spears subsequently helped destroy her.


What would Sidewalkkilla be without the nightlife coverage?

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Unhappy Valentine

Sidewalkkilla’s frequent contributor Matvey Cherry has had a fair share of heartbreaks. For last year’s Valentine’s Day, Matvey divulged three “love” stories that many may continue to find relatable for as long as this oft-torturous holiday exists.

The article was produced in collaboration with designer and creative director Sky Vargas.

Alexey Kim


Felix Santos


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