This column is by nature bisexual. A literary meeting place between critical theory and poetics, Hysteria, Longing, and the Eros of Open Mouths embraces a multi-genre sensibility as an embodiment of linguistic in-betweens, as a vocalizing of inarticulation. In other words, this column approaches language as it does erotics: fluidly and multiplicatively. Fundamentally an exploration of gender and sexuality, Hysteria orients itself towards the many instances of desire within culture specifically for their deconstruction, for imagining anew the relationship between language, gender, and sex. This column is suspicious of popular gay discourse, LGBTQ+ identity politics, and homonormativity in all its forms. Instead, Hysteria articulates a radical queer politic which advocates for contradiction, abundance, deviancy, complexity, and holisticness, born from the marginality of bisexuality and transgenderism. Ultimately, this column attempts to redefine our relationship to language where cisgenderism, heterosexuality, and masculinism have limited its potential and to find language where there is none.

Chase Isbell


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