The Future Now & Glitter Milk:





Creature, a wild animalistic art party brought to Rubulad by Join The Future and Glitter Milk unfolded in a whirl of fur, fangs, claws, tails, and googley eyes.

Encouraged to explore and express the inner creatures that live within, participants were invited into a world of immersive art where radical self-expression reigned supreme.

Sea nymphs danced alongside dinosaurs. Pregnant burlesque performers gave birth to small trolls on stage. Fetish models dressed in feathers and chains posed on a giant tongue while fairies and clowns drew them live. Kenyan musicians played traditional Luo music with instruments made from the skin of monitor lizards and cows. Creatures explored their inner shadows through participatory mask painting in a multicolored landscape of sound art, projected 3-D renderings, and guided meditation. A drag rat with three breasts spread the gospel of shredded cheese. Butts covered in googley eyes jiggled and twerked as jellyfish swam through a sea of dance floor bubbles.

In this unfolding arena of play and bizarre delights, creatures growled deep into their own imaginations.

Text by Glitter Milk.

Alexey Kim