From left: SOL and Glow Job, Leo Mochi, Groovy Bluez

Ciao Ciao is Freehold Group’s new venue that has just opened its doors in Williamsburg. The new club boasts light-up disco floors, an imaginative cocktail menu and is inspired by… Well, a local ’70s Italian disco club. Mike Ivers, one of Freehold Group’s partners, was referred to a queens-based drag performer Glow Job by a mutual friend Joe Buffa. Mike wanted to have a queer night, curated by someone who’s been making strides within LGBTQIA+ nightlife and Glow Job was a no-brainer. 

Glow elaborates,

“I haven’t dressed up nicely as a boy in a really long time, but I did it to meet Mike and check out the space. Other than the killer vibes, incredible decor, friendly staff, and delicious and affordable cocktails, what got me the most excited was when I had the conversation with the Ciao Ciao people about what it means to have a Queer night. I wanted to make sure this feels like a space for us, which means creating safety, sensitivity, support, and understanding from security to the venue itself. And I was very much reassured.”

That’s how Glow Di Notte, a new monthly queer disco party on the last Thursday of every month, came to be. The opening night of Glow Di Notte fell on the final day of Pride Month, but all the guests still showed up with killer looks and abundant energy to leave on the glowing dance floor. Every month, the event will be co-hosted by a different artist handpicked by Glow Job herself. This time around it was the mystical, multi-hyphenate artist SOL

“I love throwing parties to bring people together,”

says Glow,

“and honestly, I see Ciao Ciao and my party Glow Di Notte being a perfect place to grow the community more. I love that there are so many parties out there right now where we can be ourselves and wear a tiny jockstrap and go into a dark room and get frisky, but a place where you can dress up and feel fabulous is needed too.”

Glow Job says that Glow Di Notte is the type of party where you can take a date, go with a group of friends after a nice dinner, or swing by solo and meet someone on the dance floor.

“But make it Queer! We deserve this space, and let me just say, we look great in it!”

Mark your calendars for the next Glow Di Notte on July 28th with DJ Boyyyish!

Alexey Kim