Last Thursday night a group of nerds and nerd-lovers descended on Boxers HK to raise money for the National LGBTQ Task Force that directly combats violent rhetoric and anti-LGBTQ legislation. The Task Force teamed up with an event organizer Retro Factory to put on an exciting party filled with dance flash-mobs, raffles, an auction, and performances by a Brooklyn-based drag king Sweaty Eddie. The goal to raise $16,000 was superseded by the night’s end.

Queens-based drag artist Glow Job who closely works with the Task Force and Retro Factory explains why this fund-raiser is so timely and important: “After the shooting at Club Q, we need to step up even more and continue to protect ourselves . . . hopefully, our donations will help to end these attacks on our community.”

Evan Davidoff, a yoga instructor and a senior manager for major gifts at the Task Force says: “The National LGBTQ Task Force and Retro Factory teamed up for a queer radical holiday fundraiser with a nerdy twist: Revenge of the NERDS! Together they launched the first event of the Task Force’s NY Emerging Leaders Network: a group to engage LGBTQ folks in NYC who want to be a part of the Task Force’s radical queer fundraising efforts. The National LGBTQ Task Force is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary! They have been the voice of the progressive movement in the LGBTQ community and the LGBTQ voice in the progressive movement since 1973. To support their work to advance liberation, justice, and equality for queer people everywhere we came together and raised approximately $20,000!

Participants and attendees may download their photos for personal use ONLY through this LINK. Please credit @sidewalkkilla if posting on social media.

Alexey Kim