Moments from the 15th annual Miami Beach Pride Parrade at Ocean Drive. A newly elected member of the Florida House of Representatives for the 106th disctrict Fabi├ín Basabe makes an appearance at the Parade only to be booed by the Parade-goers. A few bottles fly towards his convertible while he tries to talk to the crowd with his hand on his chest. One of his bodyguards physically shoves me towards the barricades telling me to stay away and that he’s not going to repeat himself again. According to Miami New Times, Basabe has gotten into hot water with the Florida LGBTQ community after “backtracking on 2022 campaign promises by voting in favor of the “Don’t Say Gay” expansion bill and failing to enter a vote on the state’s six-week abortion ban.” An LGBTQI activist Linda Riley mentions in her IG post that one of the festival’s performers Keeana Kee‘s lyrics were censored because of Florida’s anti-LGBTQ legislation.

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