When I come to think of it, Sidewalkkilla has been in development for almost a decade. It all started with an Instagram handle that I picked for myself – a name that I made up, but which I thought perfectly described me. In my mind Sidewalkkilla was someone who is not afraid to stand out and live in their own truth, a social misfit who, if they walk by you, makes you do a double take and most probably gag with their authenticity. Even though I didn’t have a full grasp of where it would lead me at the time, it was the beginning of the path that would eventually take me to starting this website.

During Pride month of 2018, I attended Harlem Pride and decided to bring my camera along for the ride. I was quickly drawn to LGBTQIA+ geared events right after and started attending anything that would sound interesting to me. Soon, I discovered that I enjoyed the thrill of capturing fun moments that would really portray the event’s energy, but also that I was great at spotting people who would fit the Sidewalkkilla description and making friends with them. My focus has shifted from an objective of just covering an event to the objective of highlighting and getting to know people that make those events what they are. I asked myself a question: How can I truly celebrate my community and give a voice and a platform to incredibly talented Sidewalkkillas that need to be seen or have a story to tell? That’s when the idea of the website truly started forming.

With the help of this platform, I am hoping to showcase all possible colors of the spectrum of the rainbow. Sidewalkkilla celebrates style, individuality, and fearlessness of the members of the LGBTQIA+ community through photo projects, creative collaboration, and open conversations. Sidewalkkilla is eager to collaborate with queer creatives and we are open for submissions, sharing ideas, and creating art projects. It’s a safe space to be your own true self and be celebrated for it.


Lexy, Founder.

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