Australian Kmart Starts Selling Same-Sex Doll Family Playsets

In Australia, Kmart has begun selling same-sex “Family Playset” that comes with either two moms or two dads, as well as two children and a pet.

Kmart has seen a quick sell-out of these sets in Melbourne and Sydney. The playsets are available through their online store, though their site states “we cannot guarantee which design you will receive as products are selected at random for online orders.”

This inclusivity strategy comes shortly after Mattel announced that would be selling a gender-neutral line of dolls called the Creatable World line. According to Time, Monica Dreger, Head of Consumer Insights at Mattel, said, “There were a couple of gender-creative kids who told us that they dreaded Christmas Day because they knew whatever they got under the Christmas tree, it wasn’t made for them. … This is the first doll that you can find under the tree and see is for them because it can be for anyone,” she added.

At the moment only white same-sex doll toy couples are being produced, so hopefully we’ll seeing an expansion of additional set of diversity play-sets in the near future.


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Author: sidewalkkilla

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