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Ran Into: Geena Rocero At Bubble T WorldPride


Ran Into: Geena Rocero At Bubble Tea–Brooklyn, New York

During the last installment of Bubble T party in Brooklyn, Geena Rocero tapped me on my shoulder interrupting my mini-shoot on the opposite side of the wall:

“Hey, can you take our picture?”

I told her that she had to wait a second, while I finish taking pictures of my friend. A couple of minutes later I turned around and started shooting her and the stunning bunch of Asian drag queens that were in her posse.

They were about to speed off to another room, but I was already obsessed with them. I moved my body in Geena’s path and demanded her Instagram handle.

When I saw how many followers she had, I thought,

“Oh, she famous?”

About an hour later I made my way to the main stage, just in time to witness Geena taking the microphone and announcing that she will be the first transgender Asian Pacific Islander Playmate. The crowd went fucking nuts.

It might be needless to say, but Geena has smashed a very important barrier for the transgender community. During her 2014 TED talk, she came out as transgender and emphasized that it is very important for her to “. . . help others live their truth without shame and terror.” Congratulations on holding her word and being a shining beacon of hope for a better future.

Alexey Kim