A 2-day annual queer music and performance festival based in Brooklyn, New York.



Looks and performances by Azealia Banks, Untitled Queen, Nicky Ottav, Boulet Brothers and more.

Looks and performances by The Dragon Sisters, Casey Spooner, La Zavaleta and more.

The Mixer: Erin Teresa captures Bushwig 2021 and explains her love for The Cake Boys


The social-distancing event happened over the course of a Saturday evening in Maria Hernandez Park in Brooklyn.

Bushwig drag festival celebrates Pride and honors the Black Lives Matter movement in Brooklyn, NY.


We can never get enough of Buswhig, so when we got invited to attend their second NYE celebration in almost a decade, all bets were off.

You are definitely in for a treat if this is your first time attending Buswhig. Read about Mark Minton’s experience.

Mark Minton recounts his poppers fueled night at “Be Cute, Bushwig Hangover” party in Littlefield, Gowanus.

Mike Sullivan writes about his experience at Bushwig 2019; captures Charlene and Juku’s crowning of Serena Tea as the new Mx. Bushwig.

Portraits and performances from Bushwig 2019 at the Knockdown Center, with Slayyyter, Aja, Florida Maniac, Luka Ghost, Juku & more.


Bushwig Festival Day 1 with God Complex, Boy Radio, Violencia Exclamation Point, Shanita Bump and more.

Bushwig Festival Day 2 with Serena Tea, Georgia Tasda, Glow Job, Malestia Child and more.