Wigwood is a 3-day, biggest South Florida queer performance festival that takes place every February.



Wigwood is South Florida’s biggest queer performance festival, and what makes it so special is the person behind it.

Portraits from Day 1 of Wigwood IV, with Queef Latina, Amanda Lepore, Lady Paraiso, Opal Am Rah, Sleeper and more.


Miami’s Wigwood Festival was created for the locals by a local drag queen Queef Latina, but it’s quickly becoming so much more than anyone expected.

Stop Asian Hate

New Yorkers step out and speak out on anti-Asian hate crimes

House°Bones FWSS°21: All The Birds That Couldn’t Fly

“I’m Not Worried About Walking On This Earth Anymore, I Now Think About How to Fly and Swim With Infinite Breath.”

First Days of NYC BLM Protests Recap

Revisit the first few days of the racial injustice protests in New York City.

Harlem Pride 2018

Photo library from the 9th Harlem Pride Anniversary.

Dominique Jackson Celebrates 10 Years of Harlem Pride

Harlem Pride celebrates its 10th anniversary, Dominique Jackson MCs and drops some knowledge, Precious performs, and it rains cats and dogs.

Brooklyn Pride 2019 Was Invaded by Bible-Thumpers

Families attended Brooklyn’s family-friendly street fair before the dusk march, but so did a bunch of Bible-wielding men that were telling everyone that homosexuality is sin…

49th Annual Atlanta Pride Was a Family Affair

Atlanta Pride was first held in 1970, just a year after the Stonewall riots, which served as a catalyst to the Pride movement in Atlanta.

Black Pride at the Beach 2019

“Pride At The Beach” is the annual official closing event of the NYC Black Pride festival organized by the NYC Center for Black Pride.

Life in the Bubble: Celebrating Pride in a COVID Free Country

Being one of the most successful countries in curbing COVID-19, Taiwan was the only country in the world that was able to host the largest in-person Pride in 2020.

Spectrum Formosus Carves Out Space For Techno Loving Queers In Mountainous Outskirts Of Taipei

what the title said

The Stonewall Protests are Here to Abolish the System

Every Thursday, Black queer and trans activists assemble at The Stonewall Inn to fight for all Black life and abolish the system.

NYC’s Biggest Drag Festival Sort of Just Happened in Spite of Corona

The social-distancing event happened over the course of a Saturday evening in Maria Hernandez Park in Brooklyn.

We Need to Talk About Belarus

Because it might be a cautionary tale for the upcoming US elections.

Ball to Action: Ballroom-Styled Direct Action Event for #OccupyCityHall

The Ballroom community and Kiki Scene get together to speak out against police and state violence at #OccupyCityHall.

Amsterdam Pride Walk: Walking For Those Who Cannot Join

The annual Amsterdam Pride Walk has been cancelled in 2020 due to coronavirus, but it still serves as a good reminder of why Pride marches started happening in the first place.

This Is The Future Queer Liberation Protesters Are Fighting For

“It’s 2020, and we are still dealing with issues that we’ve been dealing with for hundreds of years. It’s ridiculous. This needs to end now.”

Bushwig Celebrates Pride & Rides In Solidarity With BLM

Bushwig drag festival celebrates Pride and honors the Black Lives Matter movement in Brooklyn, NY.

Looking Back At Miami’s First Controversial Wynwood Pride

In 2019, Miami’s 1st Wynwood Pride split local talent into 2 opposing camps. In 2020, the festival is back in digital form.

Queer Juneteenth Jubilee in Harlem

Three black led organizations bring Juneteenth Jubilee to Harlem, celebrating Black Lives through Joy- a celebration in the form of protest.

15K People Show Up For Black Trans Lives At Brooklyn Liberation March

On June 14, 2020, 15K people wearing all white, marched at Brooklyn Liberation for Black Trans Lives.

Ru Lab: RPDR Season 12 Premiere Screening With Sherry Pie

Ru Lab holds RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 premiere screening at the Lyft HQ. With Sherry Pie as a surprise guest.

“Met Gayla: Camp” Hosted By Juku

Juku’s Met Gayla party celebrates “Camp” edition and draws in an eclectic crowd dressed in their campiest looks.

Wigwood IV: Contributing to Miami’s LGBTQ+ History

Wigwood is South Florida’s biggest queer performance festival, and what makes it so special is the person behind it.

Opinion: What Is Your Responsibility When Representing Your Community?

The PoC Drag Art Collective Held Its First Fundraiser. What was meant to be a supportive and uplifting event took a sudden turn.

Bushwig Throws Intergalactic NYE Party After a 7-Year Hiatus

We can never get enough of Buswhig, so when we got invited to attend their second NYE celebration in almost a decade, all bets were off.

Wigwood IV: Day 1 Portraits

Portraits from Day 1 of Wigwood IV, with Queef Latina, Amanda Lepore, Lady Paraiso, Opal Am Rah, Sleeper and more.

Wild Things Come Out To Play At 46th Annual Village Halloween Parade, NYC

NYC based photographer Erin Teresa Browning finds herself amongst Wild Things at the 46th Annual Village Halloween Parade.

Bushwig 2018 Day 1

Afropunk Atlanta Day 1 with God Complex, Violencia Exclamation Point, Shanita Bump, Boy Radio and more.

Bushwig 2018 Day 2

Bushwig Festival Day 2 with Serena Tea, Georgia Tasda, Glow Job, Malestia Child and more.

Milkshake Festival: Love Is The Message (NSFW)

Milkshake is a 2-day event in Amsterdam, with a clear message: respect, freedom, love, tolerance and out of the box thinking.