Australian Kmart Starts Selling Same-Sex Doll Family Playset With Two Kids And A Cute Pet

In Australia, Kmart has begun selling same-sex “Family Playset” that comes with either two moms or two dads, as well as two children.

Hong Kong Court Rules NO On Same-Sex Marriage, Major Set Back On Marriage Equality

A court in Hong Kong delivered a major setback to marriage equality by upholding the city’s denial of relationship recognition to LGBTQ couples.

Jamaica’s Montego Bay Mayor Homer Davis And St. James Councilor Say NO To Pride Event

Montego Bay Mayor and St. James Councilor banned a series of gay-themed events at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre.

House Democrats File Resolution To Condemn HUD Secretary Ben Carson For Transphobic Comments

HUD’s Dr. Ben Carson landed in hot water last week for alleged transphobic comments he made in a closed-door meeting with HUD employees.

The Supreme Court to Weigh In On LGBTQ+ Employment Rights, DACA, & Gun Rights In New Term

In its new term, the Supreme Court is set to take on three major cases: LGBTQ+ employment rights and religious freedom, DACA, and gun protections.

How I lost My Activism Virginity And Why You Should Too

Lexy attended Climate Strike in Sunset Park, Brooklyn on September 27, 2019. The march was organized by a climate justice organization "Uprose."

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