Comcast’s LGBTQ Liaison Files Discrimination Lawsuit

Klayton Fennell, a gay Comcast executive who serves as the cable’s liaison with LGBTQ groups, filed a federal lawsuit on October 23, 2019 alleging the company discriminated against him because of his sexual orientation.

The 45-page court filing filed in October alleges how Fennell was passed over for promotions, called derogatory names, and denied equal pay because “he is routinely perceived as not conforming to traditional sex and/or gender-based stereotypes.” It also adds that he is paid “substantially less” than his heterosexual male counterparts.

In the lawsuit, Fennell also alleges that Comcast failed to conduct an investigation into his claims and allowed the hostility to persist. Fennell remains employed as a Senior Vice President, and his attorney Katherine Oeltjen didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

In 2015, The Philadelphia Business Journal recognized Fennell as a “Top LGBT Leader in Business,” and earlier this year Fennell represented Comcast at an event in Nashville where Mayor David Briley signed an executive order recognizing LGBTQ businesses as a separate category in awarding government contracts.


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Author: Felix.santos