Adam Ross
Adam Ross



While living in Provincetown, what started out as a casual hobby photographing the talent that came through town quickly became a serious study of queer life and culture in a place where queer was the status quo. There is an energy unique to queer life that I feel a pressing need to document, but I wanted to give context to this life outside of the clubs and the bars of Provincetown. That same energy brought me to Bushwick. Here, there is a queer community and culture that is thriving, and unique to the moment; it is my goal to represent, record, enrich, and expand our community.

Trans Women Blossoming

"The journey of a Trans Woman is at first internal. She has to come to terms with who she is at the core."

Adam Ross Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary Of Living In NYC With His Favorite Images And Stories

What is it like to be new in a Brooklyn queer nightlife scene? Adam Ross shares his story of being embraced by the community.