Erin Teresa
Erin Teresa



The main theme of my work centers around the ideas of celebration, ceremony, convergence and community. I am looking to explore these ways in which people come together. The very human search to find happiness, comfort, solidarity, and connections through celebration, faith, convergence in times of unrest, community, and cultural identity. My aim is to capture the events and places that fill each of these wants and needs as well as the human responses to them. A face in the crowd, if you will, and then the crowd itself as a whole unfocused on any individual. I want to explore each of these outlets individually and then bring them together into one body of work as they overlap their intent and representation of what brings us together.

I find that the most comfortable place for me to exist is behind the camera. I feel very unconnected to the world most of the time. I am physically present but always seem just outside of what is happening, an autonomous spectator. This constant feeling is what fuels my need to understand and experience what drives people to connect. I see in the world the need for it, the ways people try to achieve it, and on many levels enjoy it, but fail to truly grasp it for myself. I am just beginning this exploration, and as I flesh out my body of work, the ideas I am attempting to put into words here will be a visually cohesive body of work. I see this as a long term, large scale, project.

I shoot 35mm film on a Nikon F2 camera and am moving into the world of medium format photography. I plan to travel, immersing myself into places and events that speak to my visual narrative of human connectivity. My focus right now is within the Unites States, a county fair in Texas, the pilgrimage to El Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico, Day of the Dead celebrations in Los Angeles, Thunderbird Pow Wow in NYC, as just a few examples.

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