Photographer/Drag Artist


After being sexually assaulted at 17, I was mockingly called a “martyr.” I’ve reclaimed this insult as both a stage name and inspiration of my work. Using catholic imagery, themes, and characters, I’ve attempted to make sense of myself after experiencing such tragedy. I took to performance art to work out these intense emotions, while also creating an environment where my audience can recognize their own sadness, and we can share that moment together. As a photographer, I took elements of my performance art and drag to both document the ephemeral nature of the work and expanding complex ideas. This allows me to create characters that cannot physically exist on stage, while also fleshing out unique scenarios for each of them.

Martyr: Where Was God When I Was Raped?

After being sexually assaulted at seventeen, I sought answers about my identity.

Brooklyn Pride 2019 Was Invaded by Bible-Thumpers

Families attended Brooklyn’s family-friendly street fair before the dusk march, but so did a bunch of Bible-wielding men that were telling everyone that homosexuality is sin…

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