Paco May



I’m a New York based artist who primarily works with my finger on an iPad. Using a simple drawing app, I document the pop culture and politics of the moment refracted through a queer gaze. My work is often based on photo references which I deconstruct and recolor to render them more immediate and dynamic. I use my Instagram account as a visual blog of the times as I see them; drag queens, hip hop, politics, R&B divas, Hollywood, fashion, trash culture are my fascinations and my subjects.

#FreeBritney Bitch!

It’s awful what we did to her.

#UsToo: The Alexander Wang Case and Sexual Abuse of Men in the Fashion Industry

Opinion of an ex-model.

Untitled (America) Is Our Future (?)

Brooklyn-based drag artist Untitled Queen offers a glimpse at a new America, through her July 4th digital fundraiser.

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