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Last Sunday, one of the most enigmatic figures in New York City's nightlife, Matvey Cherry, brought out an intimate soiree of the city's movers and shaker for the second installment of Lovely Dark Things at the Triad Theater.

When asked who Matvey Cherry is, he responds:

“A star of our time.”

Matvey’s musical journey is described as multi sensorial experience, because “it's the fucking 21st century. You have to do everything or nothing at all.

He created Lovely Dark Things when he got tired of performing at 3 Dollar Bill and decided to take full control of his own creative expression and his art:

“So I started my own show, where I was able to invite any artists I want: drag, burlesque, contemporary dancers, etc., to create a truly unique Bohemian experience at a legendary theater, the theater where Lady Gaga started her career, by the way.”

Matvey concludes:

“Follow me and find out what I’m cooking up for the future. I'm always working on something.”

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Alexey Kim