Evangelical Preacher Is Suing Scottish Event Venue for Refusing to Let Him Spread Anti-LGBTQ+ Misinformation

Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham and evangelical preacher known for defending the religious freedom of business owners that turn away LGBTQ customers, launched a lawsuit with a Glasgow venue for alleged discrimination against Christians.

After a Glasgow venue cancelled an event hosted by notorious anti-LGBTQ evangelical preacher Franklin Graham, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) launched legal proceedings to sue for “religious discrimination.” Graham has spent years defending controversial cases such as the one involving the Colorado bakery owners who refused to create a wedding cake for a gay couple. Graham has repeatedly praised business owners for standing up for their religious beliefs.

BGEA claims Scotland’s biggest concert venue, SSE Hydro, is discriminating against Christians by refusing to give the pastor a platform to spread anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. Graham's May 30 event was canceled after shareholders of the Glasgow City Council voiced strong concerns about hosting Graham because it was likely hate speech and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric would be used at the event.

According to Graham's website, the case has been expedited, and SSE Hydro is required to respond to the lawsuit and explain why they canceled Graham's contract by February 27. News

Why Does This Matter?

“Religious freedom” has become a divisive issue in the US political conversation, especially around issues of sexuality and marriage, where GOP members see religious freedom as protection against having to accommodate things they cannot conscientiously support due to their religious beliefs; the DNC sees that argument as discriminatory and a violation of civil rights law, especially now that same-sex marriage is legal throughout the US.


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