New Clinic, Open Door Health, Opens in Providence, Rhode Island

Located on Central Street near Broad Street, Open Door Health offers a safer enviroment for LGBTQ+ members who fear discrimination due to their sexual orientation or belief.

Open Door Health, the first dedicated LGBTQ+ healthcare center in Rhode Island, opened its doors on March 4, providing essential healthcare services including HIV primary care, gender-affirming care, and more, such as “Express Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Screening.”

Executive Director Amy Nunn said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony said:

“When [Medical Director] Dr. [Philip] Chan and I conceived of this clinic, we wanted to create a safe space for all Rhode Islanders irrespective of their gender, their gender expression, their sexual identity or their orientation.”

The clinic also offers a patient portal for members who’d like to settle their account online, or create an account via athenahealth – a private healthcare service that provides financial and clinical results for providers to their patients.

Open Door Health is located at 7 Central St, Providence, RI.

Why Does This Matter?

Research like “You Don’t Want Second Best – Anti-LGBT Discrimination in US Health Care” shows that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals encounter difficulty finding providers who are knowledgeable about their needs, experience discrimination from providers, and delay or forego care visits or treatments because of concerns about how they will be treated. Open Door Health caters to all patients, regardless of sexual identification or preference.


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