"On Top" party with Susanne Bartsch & King Kong Magazine, The Standard Highline

This summer, Susanne Bartsch is celebrating nine years of her “On Top” party at The Standard High Line. Susanne was one of the cover stars for the Performance Issue of King Kong magazine. So, it was a double reason to party. As a result, the club kids came out in their finest attires.

We can’t actually believe that we’ve been going to smoke a joint on Le Bain’s rooftop patio since 2010. This time we didn’t have any pot, but with this being the 4th event of the night, we needed one badly. Thanks to one of the drag queens, the problem was solved in a matter of a mention. We talked about going through struggles of being queer artists, the process of coming up with an outfit for the night, and finished off with a 2-hour shoot in all places imaginable. Come to think of it now, this might have been one of the nicest outings of the summer so far.

We are making an update to this stream. This gallery will be available soon.
Alexey Kim