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HBO’s “We’re Here” Creators On Why It’s More Than Just A Show About Drag Queens

We’re Here



We’re Here Is Not Just A Show About Drag Queens

On June 26, 3 Dollar Bill hosted their Pride Facebook Live show, hosted by Lucia Fuchsia and Benjy Bradshaw. The two entertainers met pre-quarantine at a show and since then have been hosting online shows twice a week for the past four months. Their show, called Corona Queens, highlights drag performers who haven’t had access or a way to perform. Lucia and Benjy recently sat down with the creators of the new HBO series We’re Here, Johnnie Ingram and Stephen Warren, to talk about their journey of making the heartwarming reality series. The show follows Eureka O’Hara, Bob the Drag Queen, and Shangela around the country in small towns in middle America. During their time in each town, they have the pleasure of putting a handful of the town natives in drag.

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Alexey Kim